In terms of convenience of use, gdm-906x series also adds rich operation design, such as digital keys, which is convenient for setting requiring numerical input, such as upper / lower limit value, lanip, etc; The operation interface or information supports multiple languages (English / traditional / Simplified / Japanese / Korean), which helps to shorten the operation learning of multimeter. For automatic test system measurement or remote control applications, gdm-906x can select GPIB (customer installation option) in addition to providing USB, RS-232C and LAN as standard communication interfaces. In terms of software support, gdm-906x series provides dmm-viewer2 to assist users in observing or recording measured data; In addition, labviewdriver is also provided to facilitate the program requirements on the integration of different systems.

Product features:

• 61 / 2 digit display: 1200000

• 4.3 “TFT graphical LCD display

• basic accuracy of DCV: 0.0035% (gdm-9061) / 0.0075% (gdm-9060)

• 12 measurement functions: DCV, ACV, DCI, ACI, 2-wire and 4-wire resistance, frequency, cycle, diode, continuity, temperature and capacitance

• sampling rate up to 10ksps (gdm-9061)

• double measurement to perform two selected measurements simultaneously

• provide functions including histogram, bar chart and trend chart

• temperature measurement supports RTD, thermistor and thermocouple

• standard interface: USB, RS232C, LAN, digital I / O

• optional interface: GPIB

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