• Large screen display (50mm*60mm), convenient for users to measure

• Selectable real-time, average, peak, MIN, MAX measurement modes

• 0.1V/m-200V/m high precision and large dynamic electric field measurement range

• The sampling frequency of the instrument reaches 4 KHz, which ensures the test accuracy and is in the leading position in the same industry

• 3D isotropic (non-directional) measurement probe

• Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof design, waterproof grade IP50; 30 hours long operation time is more suitable for field work

• Meets ±2dB frequency response accuracy requirements over the full frequency range to ensure measurement accuracy

• It can form an automatic monitoring system through software and computer connection


Environmental electromagnetic radiation monitoring, radio and television, electromagnetic radiation monitoring of mobile communication equipment, electromagnetic radiation detection of aviation, aerospace, national defense and other equipment, electromagnetic field safety monitoring in workplaces, geological exploration, meteorological departments, radio management, airport radar electromagnetic environment safety detection, microwave ovens Electromagnetic safety testing of enterprise products, EMF research of related institutes and universities, etc.

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