9300 series USB sampling oscilloscope: 15GHz ~ 25ghz bandwidth, 9.5ghz optical conversion, TDR / TDT test, 2-channel or 4-channel. It is a compact and reliable USB instrument. Wide range of applications, digital and telecommunication applications above 10Gb / s, microwave applications up to 25ghz and timing applications with resolution up to 64fs. The optional 11.3gb/s clock recovery, photoelectric converter or differential available time domain reflection source (TDR) form a powerful, compact and cost-effective measurement software package.

9300 Series Oscilloscopes use sequential trigger sampling to capture high bandwidth repeatability or clock source signals. There is no large jitter or expensive cost due to the use of very high-speed clock sampling, such as real-time oscilloscopes. The 25ghz bandwidth can measure the conversion time as low as 14ps, and the ultra-low sampling jitter makes the resolution as low as 64fs. The sequential sampling rate can reach 1ms / s, surpassing any other sampling oscilloscope, and can quickly create waveform, eye diagram and histogram.

These instruments take up a very small space on your workbench and are small enough to carry with your laptop to the field for testing, but that’s not all. In the past, because of the huge volume of desktop instruments, it was necessary to use a long probe lead to connect with the tested part, but now you can connect the 9300 and the tested part next to each other to prevent it, so now the one connecting your oscilloscope and the tested part is a very short, low loss coaxial cable, or use one of our oscilloscope probe: picoconnect900 series passive high-frequency probe.

Everything you need has been integrated into the oscilloscope without worrying about expensive hardware and software options.

Product features:

• up to 15ts / s equivalent sampling rate, up to 32ks recording length

• up to 15GHz prescaler, 2.5GHz direct trigger and 11.3gb/s clock recovery

• 16 bit analog-to-digital conversion (ADC), 60dB dynamic range, 223-2 code type locking

• waveform, eye pattern, jitter, extinction ratio and other tests of optical / electrical signals

• TDR / TDT stepping generator with built-in differential and deviation correction capability

• optical input bandwidth: 9.5ghz

• 2 or 4 channels, 25Hz bandwidth, real-time sampling rate: 1ms / S

• integrated pulse / clock / NRZ / RZ signal source

• characteristic impedance, loss and delay test of cable / connector / PCB routing, etc

• high bandwidth probe picoconnect900: bandwidth 4ghz-9ghz, support welding and touch, with attenuation coefficient models such as 5:1, 10:1 and 20:1, as well as AC and DC coupling input models. It is applicable to all instruments supporting 50 Ω input, such as real-time oscilloscope, sampling oscilloscope, spectrometer, vector network analyzer, protocol analyzer, etc.

Typical applications:

• communication and radar testing, maintenance and production

• fiber optic, transceiver and laser testing

• RF, microwave and Gigabit digital system measurements

• radar band: I, G, P, l, s, C, x, Ku

• high resolution timing and phase analysis

• digital system design and characterization

• eye diagram analysis and template testing

• network interfaces hdmi1, hdmi2, PCI, SATA, USB2.0, USB3.0

• TDR / TDT measurement: cable, connector, router, PCB and network analysis

• semiconductor characteristic description

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