Smartclassfiberolp-85 and 85p integrate pass / fail fiber end detection and optical power measurement (OPM) functions in one solution. Olp-85 and 85p handheld optical power meters have a dynamic range of 100dB. They are a professional, multifunctional and compact instrument suitable for any optical fiber network power or loss test application. Its high accuracy in the whole range makes the olp-85 and 85p very suitable for applications that need to measure low power or very high power.

Performance characteristics and application range of viavi olp-85 / olp-85p viavia optical power meter


Complete the work quickly, correctly and on time at the first time:

The optional p5000i microscope is used for automatic pass / fail fiber end detection and analysis, and an integrated PCM can be provided

Compact and rugged weather resistant design


Optical power measurement (absolute and relative)

It is used in combination with viavi light source ols-3x or ols-8x to realize optical insertion loss measurement

Optical connector detection (ibyc)

Online loss test options

Main characteristics

The field portable optical power meter powered by battery has a measurement wavelength range of 800 to 1700 nm (1 nm increment setting), and can realize high-precision measurement in an ultra wide 100dB dynamic range

2.5mm and optional 1.25mm universal push-pull (UPP) adapter systems are compatible with all types of optical connectors

3.5 inch color touch screen with integrated stylus

Separate thresholds can be set for power and loss pass / fail analysis

The instrument integration supports optical fiber end face detection and test result storage with time stamp

Data transmission and remote control can be carried out through USB or Ethernet interface

Automatic wavelength and multi wavelength test functions can be used in combination with viavi light source

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