The rail to rail output CMOS operational amplifier LM6211 introduced by national semiconductor company has a working range of up to 24V, meeting the strict requirements of low noise, low power consumption and low input bias for industrial and communication applications.

Performance characteristics and application range of rail to rail output CMOS operational amplifier LM6211

LM6211 is a 20MHz broadband low noise operational amplifier with single power supply voltage range of 5v-24v and input bias current of 0.5pa. It is easy to interface with high impedance source. The input noise of 10kHz is 5.5nv/rthz and the input current noise is 10fa / rthz. LM6211 greatly improves the signal integrity of wireless and sensor interface. In addition, its low input capacitance ensures stability in high frequency or high gain sensor applications. In order to accurately monitor the voltage with minimum system power consumption, the current consumed by LM6211 is less than 1mA

LM6211 adopts vertical power integrated PNP or ovip series of BiCMOS process with national ownership, and has CMOS input stage, so that it can work in high input impedance signal source and higher bandwidth. This operational amplifier has guaranteed performance in the range of – 40 degrees to 125 degrees C. Its output short-circuit current can be limited to 25mA and the conversion rate is 5.6v/us

The rail to rail output stage of the LM6211 remains stable when the capacitive load is up to 500pf, providing the maximum possible dynamic range at the output stage. Dynamic range is important for applications requiring large output swing, such as broadband PLL synthesizer. It requires active loop filter to drive voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) with wide frequency range.

Since the LM6211 has a smaller input capacitance of 5.5pF at 24V, a larger resistance can be used. This also makes the LM6211 very suitable for broadband transconductance amplifiers that require wide bandwidth, low input reference noise and low input capacitance. Operational amplifier is also very suitable for low-noise applications. It requires operational amplifier with very low input bias current and maximum output voltage swing of 24V, such as active loop filter for PLL.

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