Passive voltage probes are the most commonly used probes for oscilloscopes. While other specialized probes extend the scope and capabilities of an oscilloscope as a measurement system, general-purpose passive voltage probes are used every day by engineers and technicians as a working-side tool for an oscilloscope.

After two years of user research, design innovation, and rigorous program testing, Tektronix has produced a line of the finest probes. Passive voltage probes are specially designed for Tektronix analog and digital portable oscilloscopes. The 1× and 10× probes not only provide the premium electronic performance expected from Tektronix, but also offer a new robust mechanical design.

These probes are housed in a resilient rubber molded base and are virtually invulnerable to damage. Compared to modular probes, it is lighter, more comfortable to operate and more reliable. Probes Replaceable probes are designed to withstand pressures up to 20 lbs. Patented built-in stress relief technology makes the cable flexible and free to move. Each probe is UL listed for safety and meets the MIL-T-28800 Class 3 environmental specifications of concern to users of portable oscilloscopes.

Marine Instruments' new Tektronix P3010 probe is specifically designed to complement Tektronix' portable DSO and ART series instruments, with the Tektronix HYBRID/SMT device at the heart of each probe's performance.

Tektronix' extensive experience in test instrumentation provides probe manufacturers with additional quality and reliability in producing fewer molded probes. These molded probes are specifically designed and tested to support the overall system and measurement quality guaranteed by Tektronix oscilloscopes.

With the introduction of molded probes, Tektronix has set a new standard in style, performance and durability for passive voltage probes.


◆1MΩ input;


◆Mold passive voltage probe;

◆One-piece molded rubber base;

◆Ergonomic and lightweight design;

◆Durability increased by 10 times;

◆The HYBRID/SMT circuit on the multi-layer circuit board improves the performance and reliability of the probe;

◆New high-strength, replaceable probe;

◆Safety standard certification:—UL3111-2-031, CSA1010.2.031, EN61010-2-031, IEC61010-2-031;

◆Unconditional one-year warranty


◆General measurement of high frequency, intermediate frequency and low frequency signal – engineering design, maintenance, manufacturing

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