ADI’s precision ground voltage amplifier ad8655 is most suitable for instrument, audio, communication and medical applications requiring low noise performance at 5V and below. Before the introduction of ad8655, applications requiring low noise performance must use more expensive bipolar amplifiers (for higher voltage) or add discrete components, which requires more board space and increases the system cost. For low voltage applications, the ad8655 is the industry’s first lowest noise precision amplifier operating from 2.7V to 5V. Compared with similar solutions, its noise performance is 2 / 3 better, and its price is much lower than that of bipolar solutions.

Performance characteristics and application range of low voltage and low noise precision amplifier ad8655

For low-voltage applications, excellent noise performance of 2.7nv/rthz and high accuracy are necessary to achieve system performance and improve resolution and accuracy. The low noise of ad8655 makes it the best choice for various low-voltage devices in industrial, communication, consumer electronics and medical markets. The low distortion, wide dynamic range and large output current of ad8655 are suitable for consumer electronics and medical devices Microphone preamplifier, filter and line input buffer for audio applications such as PDA, handset and headphone drivers. For instrumentation applications, the low distortion and fast build-up time performance of ad8655 is particularly suitable for driving high-precision ADCs, such as ad7685 of ADI, to maintain the accuracy requirements of data acquisition and automatic test equipment systems.

The ad8655 uses ADI’s digitrim in package tuning technology to provide low-cost, high-precision DC performance. In ad8655, the circuit designer of ADI adopts the low voltage advantage of CMOS, overcomes the electrical performance limitation brought by process technology, and designs the amplifier core used in series products. The two-way and four way amplifier models will be available within this year.

The operating voltage of ad8655 is 2.7v-5.5v, the lowest noise is 2.7nv/rthz at 10kHz, and the lowest distortion is 0.0008%. The external transistor level or multiple parallel amplifiers used to reduce system level noise are omitted, and the signal-to-noise ratio and resolution performance are improved. The low offset of 250uv in the whole common mode range makes the system have high dc accuracy without adjustment. The rail to rail input and output of ad8655 make it very suitable for driving ADC and buffering DAC in high precision system.

The ad8655 operates from – 40 ° C to 125 ° C with a bandwidth of 28MHz. The typical value of offset voltage drift is 0.4uvgdec, and the maximum is 2.3uvgdec

The ad8655 is available in 8-pin MSOP and SOIC packages.

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