The high-speed operational amplifier series opa84x launched by TI company has the performance of broadband, low distortion and low noise. It can drive 12 bit to 16 bit ADC and DAC. It can also be used as a general-purpose operational amplifier for line driver, broadband integrator, active filter and low-noise receiver.

Performance characteristics and application range of low noise operational amplifier opa84x

One gain bandwidth of opa842 is stable. It adopts a voltage feedback structure with two gain amplification stages, which can achieve the desired low noise distortion in the whole frequency range, such as – 93dbc at 5MHz. The bandwidth of G = 1 is 400MHz, the gain bandwidth product is 200MHz, the conversion rate is 400V / us, the input noise is 2.6nv/rthz, the setting time of 12 bits (to 0.01%) is 22ns, the open-loop gain is 110dB, and the output current is 100mA.

Opa843 has a wider gain bandwidth, and the two-stage gain can obtain a medium gain in the desired dynamic range. The low input noise complements this dynamic range, and its DC accuracy is higher than that of all previous high-speed amplifiers. The input noise of opa843 is 2.0nv/rthz, the bandwidth of G = 5 is 260MHz, the gain bandwidth of 800MHz, the conversion rate is 1000V / us, the distortion of 5MHz is – 96dbc, the setting time of 12 bits (to 0.01%) is 10.5ns, the open-loop gain is 110dB, and the output current is 100mA.

Opa846 has a higher gain bandwidth and lower input noise. The bandwidth of G = 10 is 400MHz, the gain bandwidth product is 1.75ghz, the conversion rate is 625v / us, and the input noise of 12.6ma power supply current is 1.2nv/rthz.

Opa847 has the highest gain bandwidth of 3.9ghz and the lowest input noise of 0.85nv/rthz. Other features include a conversion rate of 900v / us, a supply current of 18ma, an output current of + / – 65mA, and a distortion of – 95dbc at 5MHz. When power consumption is the main, opa847 has an optional pin to reduce power consumption, which can reduce power consumption to less than 2MW.

Opa84x series products are SOT23 and SO-8 packages.

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