National semiconductor has introduced three new high-speed LMH amplifiers lmh6723, lmh6724 and lmh6725 for portable communication and video applications. These lmh6723, lmh6724 and lmh6725 current feedback (CFB) amplifiers, using national’s unique VIP10 process, are designed for high-speed performance applications requiring very low power consumption. With this combination of high speed, high output current and low power consumption, these amplifiers strengthen the position of national in analog design and processing technology.

Performance characteristics and application range of high speed LMH amplifier lmh6723 / 4 / 5

Lmh6723 / 24 / 25 is a single channel, dual channel and four channel CFB operational amplifier, which can provide high speed (370mhz), low power consumption (1mA) and large output current (+ 110mA). It has higher performance, less heat generation and longer battery life in portable applications.

The lmh6723 / 24 / 25 also has 100MHz 0.1dB flat gain, low differential phase and gain, and linear output current of 100mA, so as to be used in high-performance RGB video line driving. This performance level, as well as the consumption of only 1mA power consumption and 4.5v-12v operating voltage, small package size, make these amplifiers suitable for various portable applications. These portable devices range from walkie talkies to telephone surveillance camera systems, and other applications that require normal power consumption and high-speed performance.

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