The lt3724 has a strong upper gate driver that can quickly convert large n-channel MOSFETs. It operates at a constant switching frequency of 200 kHz and safely supplies power to the pre biased load by not allowing negative current to flow into the output inductor. Current mode control provides fast transient response and can work stably in a wide range of voltage, load current, temperature and capacitance. In addition, the lt3724 also has a high-voltage on-board regulator for generating IC bias voltage, which can be driven in reverse to improve efficiency.

When used as a step-down converter, the working efficiency can be as high as 93%. Other features include precise undervoltage lockout, 10uA shutdown current, programmable soft start to control on time, and ± 1.3% reference voltage accuracy over the entire temperature range and during hot shutdown.

Performance summary: lt3724mp

Vin range from 4V to 60V

Output voltage to 36V

-Military grade plastic packaging operating temperature range from 55oc to + 125oC

Boost, buck, negative output and SEPIC topology

On chip voltage regulator for internal bias voltage

Powerful on-chip n-channel MOSFET Driver

100ua quiescent current

10uA shutdown current

200kHz fixed operating frequency

Current mode control

Programmable soft start

Hot shutdown

Programmable undervoltage lockout

± 1.3% reference voltage accuracy in the temperature range of – 55oc to + 125oC

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