Fts20 series portable light source, optical power meter and optical multimeter are perfect in appearance, comfortable in holding, and have the affinity and ease of use.

Fts20 specially designed for the field and field environment of shock, dust protection cover, highlight the display screen; It can store a large amount of test data on site, and download the test data to PC through USB interface and Bluetooth, so as to save and generate test report; It is suitable for LAN / WAN access network, enterprise network, telecommunication network, DWDM Network, CATV network, single mode and multi-mode environment testing.

Performance characteristics and application range of fts20 series handheld light source

Main functions:

The appearance is perfect, the grip is comfortable, and it has the affinity and ease of use

Single mode and multi mode test

PON, LAN / WAN, DWDM, CATV, telecom and other network test applications

Test mode of light source, red light source, optical power meter and optical multimeter

3-year calibration cycle

Data storage, through USB interface or Bluetooth connection with PC to download test data

Connect with Android device via Bluetooth to view test data

Automatic wavelength detection

Provide Ni MH rechargeable battery, dry battery and power adapter power supply mode.


Optical power test, link loss test and link connectivity check

Multimode optical fiber test of enterprise LAN

Single mode and multi mode combination test of access network and man

It can be used in Telecom, CATV network and other applications

Fiber alignment, especially suitable for long distance fiber alignment

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