Lt3579 is an ideal choice for many local power supply designs. It can be easily configured as boost, SEPIC, negative output or flyback structure, and can generate 12V / 1.7A or – 12V / 1.2A output from a 5V input. In addition, the slave switch of lt3579 allows the device to be configured into a high voltage, high power charging pump topology, which has very high efficiency and requires fewer components than traditional circuits.

The switching frequency range of lt3579 can be set between 200kHz and 2.5MHz. The device can be internally timed and its clock oscillation frequency is set by a resistor connected between the RT pin and ground, or it can be synchronized to an external clock. A buffered version of the clock signal is discharged from the clkout pin and can be used to synchronize other compatible switching regulator ICs to the lt3579.

Lt3579 also has an innovative SHDN pin circuit, which can accept slowly changing input signals and provides an adjustable undervoltage locking function. In addition, the device integrates additional functions such as frequency turn back and soft start. Lt3579 adopts 20 pin tssop package and 20 pin 4mmx5mmqfn package.

Performance characteristics and application range of DC / DC converter lt3579


6a, 42V combined power switch

Output short circuit protection

Wide input range: 2.5V to 16V, maximum transient voltage 40V

Lt3579-1: dual phase operation

Master / slave (3.4A / 2.6a) switch design

User configurable undervoltage blocking

It can be easily configured as a boost, SEPIC, negative output or flyback converter

Low vcesat switch: 250Mv at 5.5A (typical value)

Synchronized to external clock

Other switching regulators can be synchronized

The high gain SHDN pin can accept slowly varying input signals

20 pin tssop package and 20 pin 4mmx5mmqfn package


Local power supply

Vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) bias power supply

TFT-LCD bias power supply

Vehicle engine control unit (ECU) power supply

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