Silicon Labs’ unidirectional and bidirectional voltage output current sense amplifiers are the lowest power consumption and most accurate current sense amplifiers on the market. These high side current sense amplifiers consume very low 1 μ A supply current, only 100 μ V (max) Vos and 0.6% (max) gain error, both specifications are optimized for precision current detection. For all high side bidirectional current detection applications, the current detection amplifier is self powered and equipped with a wide input common mode voltage range from 2V to 25V.

Performance characteristics and application range of current detection amplifier ts1101


Ultra low supply current: 1 µ A

Wide input common mode range from + 2V to + 25V

Low input offset voltage: 100 µ V (max)

Low gain error: 0.6% (maximum)

Bi directional unit with sign comparator output without “dead zone” in I load switching

Four gain options are available:

Ts110x-25: gain = 25V / V

Ts110x-50: gain = 50V / V

Ts110x-100: gain = 100V / V

Ts110x-200: gain = 200V / V

5 – or 6-wire SOT23 package


Power management system

Lithium polymer and lithium ion battery management

Portable / battery powered system

smart charger

Smart phone

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