At680 is a capacitive leakage current / insulation resistance meter controlled by high-performance microprocessor. Numerical control test voltage: 1V ~ 650V, 7-range test, so that the accuracy of leakage current can be improved to 1%. It can measure 1NA ~ 20mA current, the maximum insulation resistance of 325g Ω, and the maximum number of display digits is 9999. The test speed can reach 55 times / s, and the 1999 reading and 5% accuracy are still guaranteed. Ultra high speed test provides the best scheme for automatic production.

The instrument has sorting function, sorting signal setting and handler interface, which can be used in the automatic sorting system to complete the full-automatic pipeline test.

Through the built-in RS232C interface, it can be used for remote control and data acquisition and analysis.

The computer remote control instruction is compatible with SCPI (standard command for programmable instrument standard command set), which can effectively complete the functions of remote control and data acquisition.

Performance characteristics and application range of at680 leakage current tester

Performance characteristics

● high brightness, ultra clear four-color VFD display, and multiple parameters are displayed at the same time.

● automatic switching of charging test.

● peak hold function.

● full range open circuit clearing function.

● comparator output: sorting results can be output through RS232C or handler interface.

● sound: sound switch can be set.

● adjustable signal response and display: users can set GD / ng signal response and trigger mode according to their own needs: internal trigger, manual trigger, external trigger and remote trigger.

● adjust the display brightness.

● optional foot switch.


● electrolytic capacitor production.

● capacitor inspection.

● insulation resistance test of electronic components and equipment.

● transistor leakage current detection.

● insulation resistance test of dielectric materials, wires and cables, etc.

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