The ultra-low noise, broadband and wide operational amplifier launched by ST: TSH300 is dedicated to high-end industrial, medical and instrumentation applications. Its typical noise value is 0.65nv/sqrthz, which is the lowest noise value of broadband amplifier in thin sot23-5l package or SO-8 package in the industry.

The new device is the eighth product of St high-end operational amplifier series. All devices in this series have wide bandwidth. In addition, they also have unique performance. TSH300 has ultra-low noise characteristics.

The low noise characteristics of tsh3000.65nv/sqrthz, 200MHz bandwidth under 5V / V (GBP = 1GHz) gain, high rotation rate of 230V / s and excellent linearity (burr free dynamic range of 55dbc) make TSH300 a perfect device for analog-to-digital converter (ADC) interface applications. With the help of ultra fast 0.25 micron complementary bipolar manufacturing process, ultra-low noise performance and wide bandwidth are realized. TSH300 is an ideal choice for sensor preamplifier and ultrasonic imaging technology. Generally, these systems need to amplify very small fast signals under the conditions of high gain, no significant noise increase and maintaining good signal-to-noise ratio.

St released the lowest noise operational amplifier TSH300 for high-end instruments

The amplifier can remain stable when the gain is greater than 5, which enables it to obtain high gain under the condition of small input signal. Its layout determines that it can be used in the corresponding inverse mode with excellent frequency. Good performance can be achieved when two devices are combined in different configurations. The voltage feedback architecture supports impedance components using feedback loops, which meets the needs of many filter layouts. Whether powered by single power supply or dual power supply, its working voltage range is 4.5V to 5.5V.

TSH300 rated operating temperature range: – 40 ° C to + 85 ° C, providing SO-8 and space saving sot23-5l package.

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