Tektronix oscilloscope tbs1000c series as the successor of tbs1000b series products, as a new series of 2-channel oscilloscope, in addition to retaining a variety of functions, such as 34 kinds of automatic measurement, up to 200MHz bandwidth.

On this basis, it also brings us some differences:

1. Brand new design appearance, appearance more in line with industrial design, concise, display menu more intuitive, more information;

Performance characteristics and application of Tektronix 2-channel oscilloscope tbs1000c series

2. Besides maintaining the sampling rate of 1gs / s, the storage length is upgraded to 20K, which makes it more convenient to observe the waveform and record more information;

Observe the effect of actual test

3. The new FFT function can quickly understand the frequency signal of the signal and quickly find the signal range to be concerned;

FFT function test

In addition, it is equipped with education function as standard, and the built-in menu is more friendly for educational users.

New Tektronix tbs1000c oscilloscope, there are more functions worthy of your discovery!

If you are a new test engineer or have your own style of electronic test powder, tbs1000c series oscilloscope is absolutely worth your attention and exploration!

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