Skyworks solutions launched sky77161, the industry’s first TD-SCDMA power amplifier (PA) module. Its compact size is only 4x4mm. TD-SCDMA, as one of the three emerging standards, will be adopted in China from mobile phone applications focusing on voice to more complex voice, wireless data and multimedia services.

According to the research report, China’s wireless service market will grow rapidly, reaching 400 million users in 2007. China’s Ministry of information industry has announced that six telecom operators will conduct 3G trials using TD-SCDMA Technology this year. Skyworks has provided TD-SCDMA power amplifier module to the industry’s first TD-SCDMA mobile phone in July 2003, and has real-time calls on the network.

Performance characteristics and application of TD-SCDMA power amplifier module sky77161

Sky77161 is a fully matched 10 pin 4x4mm surface mounted PA module specially developed for TD-SCDMA and supports TD-SCDMA multi slot operation. Other solutions are designed according to other wireless standards, and then modified to support TD-SCDMA. Sky77161 fully supports the strict linearity requirements of TD-SCDMA transmission, and encapsulates the whole 2010-2025mhz frequency band in a single compact package. The low current control (vcont) pin improves the power efficiency to 45% at the maximum RF power (28dbm) and 12% in the medium power range (16dbm), which makes it possible to use a smaller battery and increase the talk time. In addition, the digital bias control reduces the current consumption in the low power consumption mode. The 2.85V low VREF ensures that the module can share the same voltage regulator as the mobile phone RF integrated circuit.

Sky77161pa module is manufactured by the company’s first-class single-chip 50GHz gaashbt production process, providing proven efficiency, linearity, reliability and excellent thermal performance. The module includes all active circuits, including on-board bias circuit, input and intermediate stage matching circuit. The output is matched with a 50 ohm load to optimize efficiency and power performance. The main bias voltage is directly provided by 3.2-4.2v Ni CAD or lithium ion battery.

The main performances of sky77161 are summarized as follows:

High efficiency and good linearity,

Large dynamic range,

Power reduction control,

Support low collector voltage operation,

Low power state control,

Operating frequency 2010-2025mhz,

The typical output power is 28dbm, the gain is 29dB, and the typical PAE is 45%

10 pin mcm11l package (4x4x1.5mm).

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