Tps40020 and tps40021 monolithic controllers minimize transients related losses of diodes and high side and n-channel MOSFETs of synchronous rectifiers. The device combines the predictive gate driving technology of Ti with the integrated charge pump, which can control the 5V gate driving to improve the performance. The controller also adds programmable power features such as soft start and high side short circuit protection. Tps40020 and tps40021 have programmable fixed frequency, up to 1MHz, and output voltage transient comparator, with power good status indication to provide faster response time.

The new controller is supported by TI’s tps40k design software, including advanced analysis tools, enabling designers to analyze the worst-case loop response and component characteristics.

Performance characteristics and application of synchronous DC / DC Buck Controller tps40020 / 21

The main performances of tps40020 and tps40021 are summarized as follows:

The input working voltage is 2.25v-5.5v,

The output voltage is as low as 0.7V, and there is a 0.7V reference voltage source inside,

The n-MOSFET driver is driven by predictive gate to achieve high efficiency,

External adjustable soft start and short circuit current limit,

Programmable fixed frequency 100kHz to 1MHz voltage mode control,

Fast response output transient comparator with good state indication of power supply.

Tps40020 and tps40021 are 16 pin htssopppowerpadtm packages.

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