In recent years, there are many discussions about the new normal and new governance of intelligent transportation. One of the consensus is that intelligent management is its future direction. As a device, license plate recognition camera is the forerunner of the intelligent transportation revolution. In view of the wide variety of license plate recognition products on the market, this issue brings a trustworthy product for the industry, from Qianyi high-definition license plate recognition sharp edge all-in-one machine, to see why it stands out.

High color value integrated design, details to ensure stability

Qianyi is a leader in license plate recognition, and always pays attention to the intelligent beauty of products. This product is different from other products in the past because of its streamlined integrated appearance and simple texture; In order to seek a new breakthrough in vision, Qianyi pays more attention to the color collision of the fuselage. The protective cover and the front part of the fuselage adopt deep color to highlight the massiness, while the light color of the fuselage is mainly used to highlight the conciseness. One deep color and one light color match each other to complement each other; In addition, the sunshade cover can slide back and forth to effectively block stray light and strong light, greatly improving the imaging effect. In a word, this is a simple work with both beauty and details.

AI extension of license plate and vehicle features makes recognition accurate

The intelligent ability of the product is the key link of the CPS laboratory evaluation. After communicating with the manufacturer’s technical personnel, we learned that the sharp front all-in-one machine integrates Qianyi false license plate processing technology, uses single view binocular matching (SVS) algorithm to carry out 3D modeling on the scene, estimates the actual physical size of the license plate, and uses CNN convolution neural network model to carry out deep learning on the vehicle model, and recognizes the vehicle synchronously when recognizing the license plate characters, The detection method of “license plate + vehicle features” is used to judge the license plate results, which effectively improves the accuracy of the camera to filter false license plates.

License plate recognition rate is the core parameter of this kind of product. For some scenes, the laboratory measured the license plate recognition rate of the machine outdoors. After outdoor installation and debugging, in the parking lot entrance and exit test environment, the machine can accurately identify the passing vehicles. The report issued by the third-party professional testing institutions also clearly mentioned that the license plate recognition accuracy of the product is not less than 99.9%.

Performance characteristics and application of Qianyi HD license plate recognition sharp front all in one machine

The product also performs well in the anti-counterfeiting test of false license plate. Through the interpenetration detection of real vehicle license plate and mobile phone license plate, the camera can effectively detect the false license plate and “capture” the false license plate one by one.

Powerful algorithm and outstanding starlight performance

It is understood that the Qianyi license plate recognition camera can effectively recognize 18 kinds of domestic license plates, covering almost all the license plates on the Chinese market, and the recognition rate can reach 99.9%. All these are based on the camera imaging quality technology and Qianyi’s own license plate recognition algorithm technology. On the whole, Ruifeng all-in-one machine adopts 2 million high-definition sensors with a resolution of 1920 * 1080. It is equipped with low-power, high-performance ARM processor to ensure that the machine can show excellent performance.

Indoor color test

The all-weather comprehensive recognition rate of the machine is as high as 99.9%, and it can be perfectly used in the application scene of dark night or insufficient light. In the actual measurement, in the low light scene at night, the 2 million image performance of the machine can still restore the color accurately and naturally, and the image quality is still clear and delicate in the dark environment, but the noise is slightly larger than that in the daytime. The excellent image quality benefits from the new generation of star level sensor, Fullhd resolution and large aperture lens, and uses Qianyi’s unique ISP image algorithm to make the image transparent, clear and bright in the low illumination environment at night.

Field measurement of outdoor prototype

Camera effect of ordinary license plate recognition

Sharp edge all in one effect (same as environment)

In addition, the light source also has a great impact on the recognition rate of license plate recognition camera, especially the strong backlight, which often reduces the license plate recognition rate of ordinary camera. After the simulation of ultra bright lamp light source test, the product also has good performance for license plate recognition under super backlight environment, and can accurately recognize the license plate.

Super backlight test

Internet plus cloud management, smart operation and save time and effort

In addition to being omnipotent in terms of intelligence, the cloud platform client of the measured products is humanized, and the device management, permission management and platform configuration can be set up to make the user easy to use. Users can carry out remote operation and maintenance management through Qianyi cloud platform to realize project and equipment status information, parameter configuration and one to many remote maintenance; It can be viewed anytime and anywhere through mobile app operation and maintenance, which fully reflects the new era spirit of “let data run more and users run less errands”, so that users can save cost, save time and improve efficiency.

Manufacturer’s statement

High definition license plate recognition sharp front all-in-one machine adopts low-power high-performance ARM processor and starlight CMOS sensor, which is an intelligent license plate recognition device integrating license plate detection, recognition and management. Ruifeng all-in-one machine is a kind of intelligent high-definition license plate recognition product based on embedded technology, which is specially launched for the parking industry. It is widely used in various parking lot entrances and exits, community entrances and exits, highway entrances and exits, automobile 4S shops, unattended weighing system and other scenes.

CPS Lab View

It’s hard to achieve the best of a product’s function, and it’s even more difficult to give full play to many functions. With its profound technical skills and excellent test results, sharp all-in-one machine shows almost perfect functional characteristics.

In view of the fact that smart parking has entered the golden age of market demand, Qianyi has made great efforts in AI, and achieved the best in the industry in terms of imaging quality, image processing, logic algorithm and other aspects. Therefore, we can see that the measured products have reached the industry-leading level in terms of license plate recognition accuracy and anti-counterfeiting, just like “smart star”, These are the balance points to measure the advantages and disadvantages of a license plate recognition camera. It is worth mentioning that the aircraft’s false license plate processing technology is rare in the industry, and its unique combat capability is of great significance for traffic law enforcement and vehicle management. At the same time, it is very gratifying that Qianyi is fully open in Intelligent Parking Based on AI, its technical function foothold is consistent with the development of the industry, and it will be in an invincible position in the future license plate recognition market competition.

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