Renesas introduces low-cost 16 bit MCU H8 / 36902g and H8 / 36912g with on-chip flash memory or mask ROM memory, which are popular new varieties of H8 series. The two devices can meet the system requirements of household appliances such as washing machines, dryers and various cooking equipment, and are used to replace electromechanical and discrete electrical components. These MCUs can be used as sub processors to provide major on-chip functions for home and industrial safety systems, control systems, fluorescent ballast products, dimmers and other embedded applications.

Performance characteristics and application of low cost 16 bit microcontroller H8 / 3691 (0) 2G

These two kinds of MCU are based on H8 / 300hcpu core with 64KB address space, providing up to 8KB flash memory or mask ROM and up to 1.5kb ram, and running speed up to 12Mhz (1:1 oscillator). In order to simplify the system design, two kinds of H8 / 36902g and H8 / 36912g MCU chips have various valuable peripherals for embedded applications. They integrate high-speed on-chip oscillator, master clock oscillator, 8-bit timer, 16 bit timer with input capture / output comparison and PWM mode, 4-channel 10 bit ADC, watchdog timer (WDT), asynchronous / synchronous serial communication channel, power on reset (POR) and LVD functions.

The two kinds of MCU have high-precision on-chip oscillator. The default frequency is 8MHz, and the factory adjusted frequency deviation is 1% at a specific temperature. The on-chip oscillator can be used as the backup clock of the master clock or external clock. The functions of LVD and por make the MCU based system shut down safely and help the system work reliably. The watchdog timer is in the “on” state in the default mode, has a special oscillator, and omits the external reset device to ensure safe operation. The universal multi-purpose multi-function timer can be used to generate 3-phase PWM output to control the motor. In addition to these functions, the more complex H8 / 36912g provides a second 8-bit timer and I2C bus interface to communicate with other MCU of multiprocessor system.

H8 / 36902g and H8 / 36912g are packaged in 32 pin SSOP, LQFP and sdip.

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