The 12V high voltage zero drift amplifiers opa734 and opa735 introduced by TI company are very suitable for places where stability, high precision and power sensitivity are required in the whole temperature and time. Target applications include temperature measurement, medical instruments, precision stress meters, handheld test instruments, electronic scales, automotive electronic systems and battery powered instruments.

Performance characteristics and application of high voltage zero drift precision amplifier opa734 / 5

Opa734 and opa735 zero drift amplifiers have the lowest current in the industry in the higher voltage range, enabling users to obtain high-precision design in the market of low power consumption and high voltage. The device is suitable for high-precision applications requiring higher voltage + / – 5V.

Opa734 and opa735 series use automatic zeroing technology to provide low offset voltage (maximum 5uv) and near zero drift (maximum 0.05uv / degree C) over the whole time and temperature range. Other features include low quiescent current (up to 750ua), low bias current (up to 200Pa), bandwidth of 1.6mhz and rail to rail output, and swing within 50mV power rail.

Opa734 series includes shutdown mode, which enables the device to transition from normal working mode to standby mode. The current in shutdown mode is less than 9ua and the output is in high impedance state.

Opa734 and opa735 operate on single or dual power supplies with voltages from 2.7V to 12V (or + / – 1.35v to + / – 6V). The temperature range of all models is – 40 ° C to 125 ° C

Opa734 (single amplifier related to break mode) is SOT23-6 and SO-8 package, opa735 (single amplifier independent of break mode) is SOT23-5 and SO-8 package. Opa2734 (dual amplifier related to break mode) is msop-10 and SO-8 package, and opa2735 (dual amplifier independent of break mode) is MSOP-8 and SO-8 package.

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