Max-700b / C series is an OTDR designed based on tablet computer. It is small, light, portable and durable, suitable for outdoor environment. It is equipped with 7-inch outdoor enhanced touch screen, which is one of the most efficient handheld testers in the industry, to provide excellent user experience. It installs an intuitive GUI similar to windows to ensure that new users can get started quickly after a short period of learning. In addition, it uses an improved otdr2 environment, providing icon based functionality, quick start, automatic macro bend finder, and enhanced automatic and real-time modes.

The max-700b / C series are truly high-performance OTDR, provided by major manufacturers around the world. It can provide EXFO’s proven OTDR quality and accuracy, as well as very high optical performance, which can ensure the correct results at any time.

In addition to the 12 hour battery life, it also provides plug and play hardware options, such as visual fault locator (VFL), power meter and USB tools, making the work of technicians easier.

Most importantly, the max-700b / C series will eventually introduce the intelligent application IOLm based on OTDR into the handheld test equipment market. This advanced software can simplify the complex curve analysis with one click.

Main functions of exfomaxtester715b OTDR max-715b are as follows:

It is small, portable, powerful and can learn from the design of tablet computer

7-inch outdoor enhanced touch screen

Large size

● endurance up to 12 hours

Blind area: edz1m; ADZ4m

Dynamic range – 30 / 28 / 28dB

Strong and durable, designed for outdoor applications

Support IOLm: intelligent and dynamic application, which can be realized with one click

The complex OTDR curve analysis is simplified

Application of exfomaxtester 715b OTDR max-715b

● FTTx last mile installation and fault diagnosis

Short distance access network test

Ftta fiber Das installation

● CATV / HFC network test

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