Product introduction:

The ds-6001hf/p intelligent video server for license plate recognition adopts the license plate recognition technology independently developed by Hikvision, which is realized based on advanced machine vision and pattern recognition theory. After engineering optimization, it can carry out real-time license plate recognition processing on the video and effectively extract the license plate information parameters in the video signal. The license plate recognition method is stable and reliable, and the accuracy of single character recognition is greater than 99%.

In addition to providing intelligent analysis function, the intelligent video server retains the inherent basic functions of the video server, supports the hardware synchronous compression function of video signals and audio signals, transmits compressed code streams through the network, enables network real-time video and audio preview, supports stream protocol (rtp/rtcp), supports ie preview, supports two-way voice intercom, and supports multiple languages.

Product functions:

Intelligent function of license plate recognition

It supports a variety of vehicle systems. The intelligent video server for license plate recognition can be applied to the license plate recognition of type 92 civil vehicle license plate, type 02 civil vehicle license plate, type 04 military vehicle license plate, police vehicle license plate, type 07 * vehicle license plate and civil vehicle double row tail plate;

Support the recognition of Chinese characters, letters and numbers of license plate;

Support the recognition of license plate color;

Vehicle picture capture;

Support the output of license plate position information;

The identification result statistics and other functions can be developed in combination with the application layer.

Video server functions

Basic functions:

·It adopts H.264 video compression technology and Oggvorbis audio compression technology, with high compression ratio and flexible processing;

·It supports the completed tcp/ip protocol cluster, supports the transmission of video, audio, alarm, voice data and serial device data through tcp/ip network, and has a built-in web previewer for IE access.

·Support the control of pan tilt and electric lens.

·Support alarm input signal, movement detection, alarm and alarm linkage output;

·Support two-way, duplex voice intercom and one-way voice broadcasting;

·Support serial device data acquisition;

·Multi level user permission management. One administrator can inspect multiple operators. The permissions of each operator can be customized. The system security is better.

Compression processing function

·Support pal/ntsc video signal input.

·H.264 video compression technology is adopted.

·Oggvorbis audio compression standard is adopted.

·The video and audio signals are compressed to generate a composite H.264 code stream, and the video and audio remain synchronized during the playback of the code stream; You can also set up a single video stream.

·Support dynamic setting of video parameters.

·Zui supports CIF resolution encoding.

·Support multi region motion detection.

·Support OSD.

·Support water-mark technology.


·License plate recognition intelligent video server supports pan tilt and lens control.

·Support preset point, cruise, track setting and calling.

call the police

·Local semaphore alarm input, supporting linkage sound alarm, uploading alarm information and linkage alarm output;

·Movement detection alarm detection, supporting linkage sound alarm, uploading alarm information and linkage alarm output;

·Alarm handling of other abnormal events;

·Deployment and removal time configuration.

Network functions

·Support tcp/ip protocol.

·Support dynamic IP address assignment (DHCP).

·Network real-time preview: supports TCP, UDP, RTP and multicast transmission.

·You can set parameters through the network and browse any one or more video and audio signals in real time.

·Video device status can be viewed through the network.

·Network alarm linkage (alarm signal uploading).

·Pan tilt and lens can be controlled through the network.

·The compressed code stream can be recorded in real time through the network.

·It can be upgraded remotely through the network to realize remote maintenance.

·With web server function, you can access the video server through the browser.

·The user name, password and code stream shall be encrypted with password to prevent disclosure.

·With NTP timing and DDNS function

Development support

·Provide video server SDK development kit.

·Provide demo application software source code to speed up application system development.

Typical applications of intelligent video server for license plate recognition:

License plate recognition intelligent DVS can be widely used in high-speed toll stations, parking lot entrances and exits, community entrances and exits, checkpoints, mobile inspection and other occasions. It can develop targeted monitoring systems for different business needs, so as to realize the intelligent video retrieval function based on license plate numbers, greatly improve the intelligent level of vehicle monitoring application products, and bring maximum convenience to vehicle monitoring and management.

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