Dahua network high-speed ball series has built-in web video server, so that the ball machine has the functions of network image transmission and control. Using the Internet, LAN or WAN network, users can open the IP address of the network ball machine anywhere through the PC browser, browse video images, and control various functions of the ball machine.

Performance characteristics and application of Dahua network high speed ball

Product features

1. Support 3D intelligent positioning and adapt to various network terminals

2. Standard MPEG4 compression coding, real-time transmission of video images

3. Embedded web browsing supports simultaneous access by multiple users

4. Support Chinese and English preset point identification

5. With analog ball machine interface, it is convenient to access various analog systems

High quality parts

1. In some key parts that affect the working performance of the ball machine, such as motor drive, integrated movement and electronic slip ring, world-famous brand products are adopted;

2. The world-famous brand energy resistant panoramic non deformable transparent ball cover has high light transmittance;

3. The world-famous brand transmission belt is embedded with metal wire, which can effectively prolong the service life of the belt;

4. The bearings of world-famous brands have strong frost resistance. The ball machine works normally at minus 30 ℃ cold start without heater;

5. The stepping motor and fan of world-famous brand can work continuously without fault for 50000 hours, and has fault alarm function. The alarm information can be displayed on the image in real time. The wind speed is strong, making the air in the ball circulate evenly and dissipate heat effectively;

6. Built in 3000V lightning protection, surge protection and surge protection circuit, high reliable high-voltage protection function makes 485 interface not responsible for connecting 220V high voltage by mistake. Edit: GT

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