Texas Instruments (TI) recently introduced a new 1.1 watt mono filter free class D audio power amplifier. The product has a small package and super noise suppression capability. It is an ideal choice for GPRS and 3G cellular phone designers. In addition, the elimination of the output filter and the improvement of the common mode input range reduce the volume of the whole scheme by 30% compared with similar products, while the RF noise suppression performance is superior to all other class D amplifiers on the market.

Performance characteristics and application of class D audio power amplifier TPA2005D1

Similar to other tpa200xdx series products, TPA2005D1 does not need an output filter, but its efficiency is more than 85%, which helps to extend the battery life. The scheme consists of four components: an integrated circuit (IC), two resistors and a capacitor. The fully differential structure of the device provides excellent noise cancellation performance, thus ensuring the pure audio effect. The other two features are the 78dB PSRR at 217hz and the noise floor of 48uvrms in the whole audio band. For class D audio amplifiers, these two indicators are the most advanced in the industry, even surpassing many class AB amplifiers. In addition to excellent audio performance and high operating efficiency, it also features low quiescent current and low shutdown current.

“TPA2005D1’s combination of performance and size makes it ideal for cellular and handheld market applications, such as message playback, personalized ringing, alarm and hands-free.” Eric droge, TI’s marketing manager for audio power amplifiers, said, “to succeed in the cellular market, audio power amplifiers must have the characteristics of small footprint and RF interference prevention. That’s why Ti gives priority to these features throughout the design and development process. “

At present, tpa200xdx family has six members: tpa2000d1, TPA2000D2, tpa2000d4, tpa2001d1, TPA2001D2 and TPA2005D1. Each amplifier has a very high efficiency and can operate without an output filter. This series of devices have their own characteristics, such as some with stereo headset driver; Some with stereo or mono speaker driver and power output. With tpa200xdx devices, any thermal or battery powered device with audio functions such as laptops, PDAs and cellular phones can benefit from it. The upcoming products will further add more functions according to the different needs of users, such as increasing volume control.

TPA2005D1 is surface mount 15 solder ball microstartmbga package.

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