Adau7118 converts four stereo pulse density modulation (PDM) bit streams into one pulse code modulation (PCM) output stream. The source of PDM data can be eight microphones or other PDM sources. PCM audio data is output on the serial audio interface port in inter IC serial (I2S) or time domain multiplexing (TDM) format.

Adau7118 can operate in the commercial grade temperature range (− 40 ° C to + 85 ° C). Adau7118 adopts 16 pin, 3mm × Lead frame chip size level package (lfcsp) with 3mm and 0.40mm spacing.

Performance characteristics and application of audio analog-to-digital converter adau7118


8-channel digital microphone PDM audio input

16, 32 or 64 times the extraction rate of PDM to PCM audio data

24 bit resolution to support high sound pressure level (SPL) microphones

126dba weighted SNR

Output sampling rate: 4kHz to 192Khz

Bit clock rate: 64, 128, 192, 256, 384 or 512 times the output sampling rate

Dual output PDM clock

Automatic PDM clock generation

Automatic shutdown when BCLK is removed

Optional control I2C or hardware operating mode

8-channel dvdd working current: 1.2mA (at 48Khz frequency sampling rate and 1.8V power supply voltage)

Slave I2S or TDM output interface

Support tdm-16 at most

Configurable TDM slot routing and size

Dvdd power supply voltage range: 1.10v to 1.98v

Dvdd off current: 5 μ A (typ.)

16 pin, 3mm × 3mm, 0.50mm pitch lfcsp package

Power on reset


Microphone array

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