5000d provides up to 16 bit vertical resolution, maximum 200MHz bandwidth and 1gs / s sampling rate. Multiple high-resolution ADCs are used in the input channel to realize the high-resolution adjustment of hardware through different time intervals and serial combination, and 1gs can be realized/ [email protected] Bit, 62.5ms/ [email protected] Bits and a variety of other flexible combinations between them.

PicoScope 5000dmso adds a 16 bit digital input channel to realize accurate correlation measurement of analog and digital signals at the same time. The digital signal channel will be summarized and displayed in the form of bus. The value can be displayed as hexadecimal, binary, ASCII code or level signal (DAC test). You can set trigger conditions freely between analog and digital signals.

PicoScope 5000d series oscilloscope has 512M ultra long waveform capture storage depth – several times that of our competitor’s corresponding model. Deep storage can take into account long-term waveform capture and maximum sampling rate at the same time.

Product features:

● flexible resolution, 8 to 16 bit resolution

● analog bandwidth up to 200MHz

● real time sampling rate up to 1gs / s at 8-bit resolution

● sampling rate of 62.5ms/s at 16 bit resolution

● 512ms waveform capture storage depth

● MSO model 16 bit digital input channel

● 130000 waveforms per second

● built in arbitrary waveform generator

● 18 serial decoding protocols

● up to 200MHz spectrum analyzer

Performance characteristics and application of 5000d series adjustable resolution USB oscilloscope

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