St72324l, a 3V general 8-bit microcontroller (MCU) produced by ST company, has flash memory and ROM memory, and is compatible with 5V similar products on pins, enabling designers to use existing complete support materials and development tools. Portable and low power applications benefit from reducing the power requirements of MCU.

Performance characteristics and application of 3V flash general 8-bit microcontroller st72324l

The new low voltage MCU is especially suitable for portable and other power sensitive products. St7232x series products are widely used in printers and wireless mice in the computer market, as well as security keys and airbags in the automotive electronic market.

The operating voltage of the new device is 2.85V to 3.6V, and the operating temperature is – 40 ℃ to 85 ℃ C or automotive electronic grade. The flash program memory of the new MCU has 8KB, 16kb or 32KB. It adopts the high-capacity flash memory technology of ST company to get fast programming time, or has 8KB or 16kb fully compatible ROM, which is used for high-volume applications with sensitive price. The powerful design is that the new MCU is very suitable for use in the strict environment of EMC, as well as the automotive electronics market in North America and Europe.

All products offer four energy-saving modes, including two 16 bit timers plus watchdog and real time clock (RTC), serial communication interface (SCI) and serial peripheral interface (SPI), and 10 bit ADC with up to 12 input channels. The integrated reset circuit with user selectable low voltage detector saves external components. They are packaged in tqfp44, tqfp32 and sdip32 packages.

The characteristics of 3V products, peripherals and pins match with 5V series products. The existing complete development tools can be used, and the existing 5V users will all use their design experience in designing 3V new system.

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