Each channel of the lt3509 can provide an output current of up to 700mA, with an efficiency of up to 88%. The wide input voltage range from 3.6V to 36V and 60V transient protection make the lt3509 very suitable for regulating power from various power sources, including unregulated wall transformers, 24V industrial power supplies and automotive batteries. For automotive applications, the minimum input voltage of 3.6V of lt3509 enables it to work under the condition of less than 4V, and this input voltage is very important to the requirements of automotive cold start. Similarly, the 36V continuous input capability and 60V transient protection of the device enable it to avoid transient damage in case of sudden load drop. The 300kHz to 2.2MHz switching frequency of the lt3509 is user programmable, maximizing efficiency when using micro and low-cost inductors and ceramic capacitors, resulting in low and predictable output ripple.

The ltc3509hmse is packaged in 16 lead heat-resistant enhanced MSOP.


Performance summary: lt3509h

Dual output 700mA switching regulator with internal power switch

Wide operating range: 3.6V to 36V

The overvoltage lockout protection circuit can withstand 60V voltage transients

Strong short circuit resistance

Low differential pressure – duty cycle up to 95%

Adjustable switching frequency from 300kHz to 2.2MHz

Synchronizable over the entire range

Small inductors and ceramic capacitors can be used

Integrated boost diode

Internal compensation

Heat resistant enhanced 16 lead MSOP package

Maximum junction temperature of 150 degrees

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