Tiandi Weiye k1000 storage and management platform integrates five functions: storage, forwarding, decoding, management and intelligence. It is widely compatible with IPC, NVR, decoder, network keyboard, access control host and alarm host, and supports face image receiving and face camera management.

Performance characteristics and application analysis of Tiandi Weiye k1000 storage platform integrated machine

Products as solutions

Security, security, the smallest application model is through the acquisition, transmission, storage, display, control, to build a set of system, to achieve video and audio transmission in the front and back end, and then achieve acquisition, forensics, preview, retention and other security goals. The familiar framework is through the combination of various devices such as camera, storage, decoding, forwarding, management, intelligent application, etc To the ultimate goal, all kinds of equipment perform their own duties, the technology industry has specialized, professional things to do with professional equipment, but professional at the same time is a great waste of resources, time and space. Today’s product, Tiandi Weiye k1000 storage platform integrated machine, has realized the perfect integration of “professional” and “high efficiency”. The product is designed with the concept of “product is scheme”. It makes full use of the advantages of integrated technology. One machine has multiple functions, and one device realizes the function of five devices. The product itself is the “scheme”, which directly reaches the pain point of the engineering company To economic and applicable and zero threshold allocation, open a new mode of equipment deployment for small and medium-sized security projects!

Multi functional integration: one is better than five

Tiandi Weiye k1000 storage and management platform integrates five functions: storage, forwarding, decoding, management and intelligence. It is widely compatible with IPC, NVR, decoder, network keyboard, access control host and alarm host, and supports face image receiving and face camera management.


The all-in-one machine has 8 disks in front. The hard disk type supports 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch SATA enterprise class and monitoring level hard disk, and the capacity ranges from 4tb, 6tb to 14T. Support the front-end video recording stream to write directly and concurrently to the local storage space. RAID level supports raid0 / 1 / 5 / 6 / 10 / 50 / 60 mode. The security mechanism is diversified and effectively ensures data security.


The all-in-one machine supports the access of IPC, streaming media, NVR and decoder. Without the function of face recognition, it can record 400m high-definition video at the same time by default, with 400m forwarding bandwidth. It supports access to front-end equipment through onvif, gb28181, Haikang private protocol and Dahua private protocol. Each type can access 50 channels, with a total of 200 channels coexisting. At the same time, it can support 500 channels of Tiandi private protocol access. In addition, it supports 1000 channels of private protocol access and 256 IP addresses.


It has 3 decoding output ports and 3 different sources, supporting 3 screens and 16 channels 1080p resolution video decoding output.


The all-in-one machine has built-in Linux embedded operating system, and is equipped with Tiandi Weiye CMS management platform. The Chinese web management interface adopts visual management. The configuration operation and status monitoring of disk and raid group can be carried out on the web interface. Support authority management, equipment management, template management, administrator tools, log management, real scene command.


It supports the access management of up to 50 channels of face recognition cameras, and has the functions of control, alarm, target database management, face retrieval, image search, etc. With the face front-end to achieve face retrieval and face statistics, support the statistical analysis of face alarm information, and can carry out target analysis and region analysis. It supports face retrieval according to time, name, target database and other information, and supports image search function. Open the face recognition function and record 360m high-definition video at the same time after 20 channel face recognition cameras are connected.

All in one machine supports ar stereo prevention and control function. AR function limit supports 3 or less panoramic balls to be labeled. It supports the alarm linkage of the intelligent analysis results of the front-end equipment, and can cooperate with the alert front-end to realize the alarm linkage and carry out the peripheral alert.

Perfect balance between economy and specialty

For the function integration of so many professional equipment, we will worry about the comprehensive cost. In fact, the integration of k1000 is very high. It makes full use of space resources and hardware performance resources to realize resource sharing. Through technological innovation, BOM cost is saved, and the reuse of machine box, motherboard, chip and memory is realized to the greatest extent. Therefore, k1000 can save 5 times of pre-set compared with traditional networking scheme Indeed, this is a substantial benefit to the engineering customers and even the end users.

Will cost savings come at the expense of appearance and professionalism? The answer is no, Tiandi Weiye k1000 storage platform all-in-one machine adopts professional server appearance design, 2U fuselage, functional integration, at the same time, it does not lose the professionalism and high appearance value, “the upper hall, the lower the kitchen”. The average power consumption is only 180W. The front hard disk can be plugged and plugged without opening the chassis; the front panel has a hard disk status indicator, which can monitor the status of the hard disk and detect abnormalities in time. Redundant dual power supply design, more stable equipment. It includes two front-end USB2.0, one post IO, two rear USB3.0, two HDMI, one VGA, two RS-485, one RS-232, four Gigabit Ethernet ports, eight alarm inputs, four alarm outputs, etc. the interfaces are complete, which can adapt to the changeable field installation environment and working environment.

Zero threshold distribution: networking when power on

Tiandi Weiye k1000 storage platform all in one machine is specially designed for small and medium-sized projects below 256 points. When the network power is available, the single machine can be used for networking, which is flexible in configuration and time-saving and labor-saving!

Built in integrated management platform, streaming media middleware, Tiandi streaming storage and other software, with video preview, video storage, video playback and download, RAID management, video decoding, TV wall, electronic map, port alarm input / output functions, can dock with real scene command client and alarm column.

The video preview supports the free switching of the main and secondary bitstreams. It can drag and merge any number of picture windows into a large window. It can combine the special pictures such as 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 / and the main / auxiliary picture modules such as 1-5 / 1-7. It can also customize the number of pictures displayed in each row / column. It supports multiple preview modes such as single channel switching / group switching / all channel switching. Users can customize the switch plan strategy. The plan designed according to the actual application scenario can meet the daily / emergency command requirements.

The video management and playback function is easy to operate, and supports the configuration of video template, which can facilitate users to arrange the recording start time, end time, application week, recording duration and other plans. It supports front-end storage / centralized storage / local storage and other storage and video retrieval methods, and supports server timing video storage, video playback, video download, video capture, double speed playback control and other functional operations.

Alarm linkage supports linkage alarm output, linkage video, linkage sound, linkage TV wall, linkage electronic map, linkage image switching, linkage capture, linkage preset position, linkage its voice. Support TV wall switch template configuration and video switching operation.

Multi technology guarantees stability

Tiandi Weiye k1000 storage platform integrated machine adopts multiple technologies such as modularization, RAID management, strong power supply and high certification to ensure the stable operation of the system. Wireless cable design, all accessories are independent modules; raid information can master the health status of the disk in real time; platinum level power supply is provided as standard, supporting 1 + 1 redundant power mode; Intel and Seagate professional laboratory multi certification.

Product features

1. 2U standard design, 8-disk front hard disk, the maximum capacity of 64t, RAID management effectively ensure data security.

2. Support storage, management, decoding, forwarding, intelligent and other multi-functional integration, single machine can network, simple and fast deployment.

3. It is widely compatible with IPC, NVR, decoder, network keyboard, access control host and alarm host. It supports face image receiving and face camera management, and can manage up to 1000 channels.

4. It has 3 decoding output ports and 3 different sources. It supports 3 screens and 16 channels decoding output.

5. Built in Linux embedded operating system, all Chinese web management interface, using visual management, on the web interface, you can configure the disk, raid group, etc. and monitor the status.


In the traditional security network, to achieve centralized management and scheduling, a series of back-end devices are needed, such as CMS management platform, decoder, intelligent management server, streaming media server, storage server, etc. Based on this situation, security enterprises have launched video all-in-one machines, but the all-in-one machines on the market have no decoding function or storage function. So it is not surprising that the k1000 storage platform all-in-one machine specially developed by Tiandi Weiye and with higher cost performance ratio is called the engineering business artifact.

Tiandi Weiye k1000 storage and management platform all-in-one machine is an economic and practical product based on k2000 video integrated platform all-in-one machine (medium-sized projects within 2000 video points), which is designed for small and medium-sized projects below 256 points. When the network power is available, a single machine can be used for networking, and the configuration is flexible. The all-in-one machine integrates storage, forwarding, management, decoding, intelligence and other functions, and its deployment is simple and fast Agile, time-saving, labor-saving, more money-saving, can be said to be a sharp weapon for small and medium-sized projects.

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