The series of high-speed operational amplifiers lmh6715, LMH6628 and lmh6624 launched by national semiconductor for military and aerospace markets are used in the fields of video, audio and communication. These operational amplifiers are manufactured using national’s unique VIP10 patented technology to achieve a space radiation capacity of 300 krads / Si total dose.

Performance characteristics and application analysis of high speed anti radiation operational amplifier lmh6715

These operational amplifiers are high-speed dual broadband current feedback video amplifier lmh6715, dual low-noise operational amplifier LMH6628 and very low-noise voltage feedback operational amplifier lmh6624. Their main performances are introduced below:

Lmh6715: it is a high-speed dual video amplifier with current feedback and stable gain, which is used in dual 5V power supply system. It uses the current feedback structure to obtain the wide bandwidth of large signal. Its key video indicators, namely differential phase and differential gain (DP / DG), are only 0.02 ° / 0.02%. Lmh6715 can meet the needs of clc412 market and far exceed the performance of clc412. The main index of high-speed amplifier is its large signal bandwidth (lswb). At 175mhz, lmh6715 exceeds 60% of clc412lswb. Lmh6715 exceeds the 3dB bandwidth and 0.1dB flatness of clc412. The 3dB small signal bandwidth with AV = 2 is 400MHz and the 0.1dB flatness is 100MHz. These parameters make it very suitable for broadband systems. Users do not use clc412 because the lower frequency response of clc412 cannot provide double available bandwidth. Lmh6715 is packaged in 10 pin and 8-pin dip. The lm6715 is ideal for many video drive applications.

LMH6628: it is a dual low noise voltage feedback operational amplifier with a bandwidth of 300MHz at the lowest noise and a conversion rate of 500V / us. It is stable at one gain and is suitable for single power supply or dual power supply 5V. When the gain AV = 1, the bandwidth is 300MHz and the conversion rate is 500V / us, making it very suitable for various communication applications. The setup time of 12ns and low THD make it very suitable for 12 bit data acquisition system. It can drive large capacitive load, which makes it very suitable for directly driving ADC of data acquisition system, which also eliminates the multi chip front-end in many receiving applications. The combination of low noise and large driving capability makes LMH6628 an ideal amplifier for many receivers / drivers. LMH6628 is a 10 pin SOIC and 8-pin ceramic dip package.

Lmh6624: it is an ultra-low noise operational amplifier that can provide excellent dynamic range for the system. Its offset voltage of 100uv and low drift of 2uv / C can provide high dc accuracy to meet precision high-resolution applications. This enables the system designer to reduce the required error correction circuit, so as to reduce the cost. The gain bandwidth of 1.9GHz allows low distortion and high frequency operation. Lmh6624 is stable for gain greater than 10. It is packaged in 10 pin SOIC and 8-pin ceramic dip.

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