Fluke air magnet survey pro (AM / a4019-ch-g, am / b4010, am / a4018) Elmer wireless network tester is the industry’s most accurate wireless site survey software for planning and designing 802.11n/a/b/g/ac wireless LAN, which can achieve the best performance, security and compliance. The wireless site survey software can calculate the ideal number, location and configuration of AP, so as to achieve successful wireless LAN deployment.

The function of airmagnetsurvey is not only to verify the coverage of radio frequency, but also to plan the network performance of actual end users according to the connection speed, throughput and data packets. The final result is to provide a Wi Fi “panoramic forecast map” including all key RF and end-user performance indicators, so that users can correctly complete the network deployment for the first time and avoid costly rework and it complaints. This can not only ensure the highest satisfaction of users, but also help airmagnetsurvey users (such as system integrators) to maintain project profits and maximize the opportunity to get repeat customers.

Performance characteristics and application analysis of fluke Elmer wireless network tester

These advanced functions enable users to integrate professional spectrum analyzer to complete the collection of Wi Fi and non Wi Fi data at one time, simulate the situation before configuration, estimate the budget and define the migration strategy to new technology, generate custom survey report, use GPS equipment for outdoor survey, design voice ready network through Wi Fi voice survey Check the network requirements of end users and applications, and make detailed end user capacity planning.

Airmagnetsurvey includes “express” and “pro”. Airmagnetsurvey Express provides a simplified version of wireless site survey software solution, allowing users to perform basic Wi Fi site survey functions and display views on signal, signal noise, and even user performance. Airmagnetsurveypro provides all the features of the express version and adds industry-leading powerful features, including wireless 802.11n deployment, multi floor deployment, outdoor survey, network design verification, voice readiness verification and survey, RF spectrum analysis, etc.

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