Two kinds of fixed gain (+ 1, – 1 and + 2) amplifiers el5106 and el5108 introduced by INTERSIL company. El5106 is a device with 350MHz bandwidth 4000V / US conversion rate, and el5108 is an amplifier with 450MHz bandwidth 6000V / US conversion rate. El5108 is the fastest fixed gain amplifier in the industry. It integrates the gain setting resistor to simplify the system design process. The working current of el5106 is only 1.5mA, while that of el5108 is 3.5ma, so it has very high power efficiency.

El5106 and el5108 also integrate the “enable” and “no” functions to reduce the current of each amplifier to 14ua. The applications of these new products include battery powered devices such as handheld and handheld devices, video amplifiers, cable drivers, RGB amplifiers, testing and measuring devices and current / voltage converters.

Performance characteristics and application analysis of fixed gain amplifier el510x

Key performance of el5106:

-3dB bandwidth 350MHz, gain 2,

Conversion rate 4000V / us,

Working current 1.5mA,

Fast enable / disable.

Key performance of el5108:

-3dB bandwidth 450MHz, gain 2,

Conversion rate 5600v / us,

Working current 3.5ma,

Fast enable / disable.

The el5106 is an 8-pin so or 6-pin SOT-23 package.

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