The lmv951 amplifier is capable of operating from 0.9V to 3V on a specified 1-V and 1.8V single supply. The input common mode range is extended to two power rails without offset transition region and the inherent most rail to rail input amplifier with input bias current reversal.

In contrast to conventional rail to rail output amplifiers, the lmv951 has a buffered output stage that provides an open-loop gain that is relatively unaffected by the use of resistor output loads. At 1-V supply voltage, the lmv951 power and bandwidth product of more than 35 Ma and 2.7 MHz gain. In turn off mode, lmv951 consumes less than 50na of power supply current.

Performance characteristics and application advantages of lmv951 amplifier


Ensure 1-V, 380 μ a single power supply

Turn off the power supply current to 50na

2.7mhz bandwidth

Rail to rail input with zero crossing

No input Ibias reverse current over VCM range

1000pf output drive capability

High output drive capability

Filling current: 35 Ma

Source current: 45 Ma

Rail to rail output buffer

At 600 Ω load, both from rail 32 MV

At 2K Ω load, both from rail 12 MV

Temperature range – 40 ° C to 125 ° C

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