Automotive electrical connectors are valued by engineers in both traditional and new energy vehicles. Because it plays an indispensable role in the normal driving process of a car. Today, let’s talk about the role and performance of automotive electrical connectors.

Generally speaking, in order to ensure safer driving, the selection of automobile connectors must be reliable. How to determine this reliability is to ensure that the electrical connector has stable sealing and fireproof performance in the process of use. Moreover, when the electrical connector is working, it should have temperature control performance and show shielding performance.

Performance and function of connector in automotive system

As for the sealing performance of automobile electrical connector, it is not only aimed at the sealing performance of waterproof. The International Standard Specification for the sealing of automotive electrical connectors is IP67, which is also the highest specification for the sealing of the industry. According to different parts of the car, there will be different waterproof requirements. However, IP67 standard has become the choice of many automobile manufacturers, which can better ensure the sealing performance of automobile electrical connectors.

Power supply is also the most important energy source during vehicle driving. It is not only related to the normal operation of the engine, but also undertakes the use of all power supplies during driving. Automobile electrical connectors are also divided into different parts in the automobile power supply system, such as between the male connector and equipment, between the female connector and cable, and between the male connector and cable, There is a certain sealing space between the female connector and the cable.

In realizing the sealing performance of automobile electrical connector, the sealing ring must be mentioned. The sealing ring can not only achieve the fixing effect between different hole positions, but also achieve the sealing effect. It can not only ensure the stable operation of automobile equipment, but also ensure the waterproof performance of automobile equipment in work. The material of the sealing ring is mostly silicone rubber, which is made through certain chemical changes of liquid silicon and solid silicon.

Performance and function of connector in automotive system

Electronic circuit technology plays an important role in automobile driving. Whether it is the control system of the car or the internal entertainment facilities, electronic circuit technology provides connection guarantee for the stable operation of the car in all aspects. In order to make the electronic circuit technology work better, automobile manufacturers have applied a lot of shielding technology to ensure the smooth progress of the work. Shielding technology can first protect the electronic circuit of the car, and then it also plays an anti-interference and radiation role on other parts. Specifically, shielding technology is divided into two types: internal shielding and external shielding.

When using external shielding to protect automobile electrical connectors, two identical shielding shells are usually assembled together to form a shielding layer, and the length of the shielding layer can cover the length of the whole connector. Sufficient lock structure shall be ensured on the shielding shell to ensure the reliable installation of the shielding layer. In addition, the shielding materials used should not only be electroplated, but also be treated to prevent chemical corrosion.

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