Lmk03000 series precision clock conditioner combines jitter clearing / repairing, multiplication and reference clock allocation functions. These devices integrate a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO), a high performance integer N phase locked loop (PLL), a partially integrated loop filter and up to eight outputs, using a variety of LVDS and LVPECL combinations.

VCO output can be accessed through the foot port. Internally, VCO output is input into various clock distribution blocks through VCO divider. Each clock distribution module includes a programmable frequency divider, a phase synchronization circuit, a programmable delay, a clock output multiplexer and an LVDS or LVPECL output buffer. This allows multiple copies of reference integer correlation and phase adjustment to be assigned to eight system components.

The clock regulator adopts 48 pin wqfn package, which is compatible with other clock devices in the same series.


Integrated VCO with very low phase noise floor

The integrated integer n-division PLL has an excellent normalized phase noise contribution of – 224dbc / Hz

Ø VCO divider values 2 to 8 (all divider points)

Channel divider values 1, 2 to 510 (even Division)

Ø LVDS and LVPECL clock output

Partially integrated loop filter

Dedicated frequency divider and delay module for each clock output

A series of clock devices compatible with Ø pin

Ø 3.15 to 3.45v operation

Package: 48 pin wqfn (7.0×7.0x0.8mm)

Performance of 200fsrms clock generator with clean input clock (10Hz to 20MHz)

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