ONSEMI has expanded its existing high-speed and Low-Power Operational Amplifier product series and launched seven new devices designed specifically for the fast-growing high-definition video application market. These operational amplifiers adopt new technology to achieve the ultra-low distortion performance level required by professional video applications.

Ansenmey semiconductor’s ncs25xx high-speed operational amplifier series enables designers to achieve unprecedented bandwidth, output power and noise performance without making cost choices. These 500 MHz to 1.4 GHz devices give video designers a differential gain of 0.02% and a differential phase performance of 0.02 degrees, but consume only 12 Ma at most.

Performance and application range of ncs25xx series of high-speed operational amplifier products

Ncs2510 and ncs2511 are current feedback devices of 1.4GHz and 1.0ghz, respectively. Ncs2511 only consumes 7.5ma power, while the power consumption of ncs2510 is 12mA. Both devices are packaged in tsop-5 / sot-23-5. The batch unit price of ncs2510 and ncs2511 per 3000 pieces is US $1.40 and US $1.25 respectively.

Ncs2535 and ncs2540 are triple operational amplifiers for driving component video. Ncs2535 is a 1.4GHz current feedback device with off pin; Ncs2540 is a 750MHz voltage feedback device with off pin. Both devices are packaged in tssop-16. The batch unit price of ncs2535 and ncs2540 per 3000 pieces is US $1.90 and US $1.75 respectively.

Ncs2550 and ncs2552 are 750MHz voltage feedback devices. Ncs2552 has ultra fast start-up characteristics, and the start-up time is within 5ns. Ncs2550 is packaged with tsop-5 / sot-23-5, while ncs2552 is packaged with tsop-6 / sot-23-6. The batch unit price of ncs2550 and ncs2552 per 3000 pieces is US $1.35 and US $1.40 respectively.

Ncs2551 is a 500MHz voltage feedback device. The distortion rate of this device is 1400v / s, but it consumes only 5.5ma current. Ncs2551 is packaged in tsop-5 / sot-23-5.

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