Performance and application range of micro DC / DC converters lm3670 and lm3671

Lm3670 and lm3671 have automatic pulse frequency modulation pulse width modulation (pfm-pwm) mode, which provides the highest efficiency in the whole load. The synchronous rectification efficiency of lm3670 and lm3671 can reach 95% in continuous switching operation. The typical quiescent current of these devices is 16ua, which leads to excellent standby time and further prolongs the battery life. The lm3670 and lm3671 have outstanding noise characteristics, and the peak to peak output ripple voltage is less than 5mv, which makes them suitable for RF based portable systems. Small 2.2uh inductor, 10uF output capacitor and SOT-23 package minimize PCB footprint.

Lm3671 can work from lithium-ion battery or 2.8v-5.5v voltage source, and its load capacity is up to 600 mA.LM3671 The 2 MHz oscillator frequency enables the use of three very small external components, including a 2.2 uh inductor and two 10 UF capacitors. The lm3671’s high-precision output voltage, low output voltage ripple and fast response performance enable it to be used in MIPS processors.

Lm3671 can provide excellent characteristics and performance for power supply of digital core and peripherals of portable system. Low noise in PWM and automatic switching of low current mode in PFM result in high efficiency performance over the entire load range. The fixed frequency PWM mode drives the load current from 70ma to 600mA, while the PFM mode works under low load. The PFM mode reduces the quiescent current to 16ua under light load and system standby, which extends the battery life. In turn off mode, the device is turned off, reducing the battery consumption to a typical value of 0.1ua

Lm3671 has the following output voltage options: 3.3V, 1.875v, 1.8V, 1.6V, 1.5V, 1.375v, 1.25V, 1.2V and other adjustable voltage options.

Lm3670 is a low power model of lm3671, which is most suitable for applications requiring low output current. Its switching frequency is 1MHz and its load capacity is up to 300 mA.LM3670 It needs a very small 10uh inductor and two 4.7uf capacitors,

Lm3670 output voltage has the following options: 1.8V, 1.875v, 1.5V and other adjustable voltage options.

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