ADI’s first monolithic low distortion fully differential amplifier, ad8351, is most suitable for driving high-speed (70MHz) and high-resolution (12bit to 14bit) analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). It is very suitable for 3gumts / CDMA2000 wireless basic system and related measurement and test equipment. It is the only low distortion amplifier that can drive if signal above 70MHz. The user can adjust the common mode range and set the gain (0 to 26dB) with external resistor, so the ADC driver is simplified.

Performance and application of low distortion fully differential amplifier ad8351

No other amplifier can provide the same bandwidth and performance as ad8351. Its – 3dB bandwidth is 2.2GHz, gain is 12dB, low noise spectrum density is 2.2nv/rt-hz, the second / third harmonic distortion is – 79dbc / – 81dbc at 70MHz, working voltage is 3 to 5.5V, quiescent current is 27ma, speed conversion rate is 11000v / microsecond, and it has good stability / overload recovery capability.

The ad8351 has all if features of 10MHz, 70MHz, 140mhz and 240mhz. It is suitable for fully differential, single end to differential and DC coupled signal paths, so it can be used in a variety of systems.

Ad8351 is manufactured by xfcb25ghzft process of ADI company. It is a compact 10 pin Mini SOIC package, working at 0-85 degrees.

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