The high-speed and low distortion differential amplifiers lmh6550 and lmh6551, as well as two high-speed and low-power 12 bit analog-to-digital converters adc12dl040 and adc12dl065 from national semiconductor company, constitute a high-performance, high fidelity and low-power signal path solution. Lmh6550 and lmh6551 amplifiers are most suitable for driving High-Speed ADCs, such as the new 12 bit adc12dl040 and adc12dl065

Performance and application of high speed low distortion differential amplifier lmh6550 / 1

Analog signaling pathways are strictly required for applications such as ultrasound imaging and communication systems of the heart. The signal fidelity is mainly determined by the amplifier and ADC. For example, in ultrasonic systems, high fidelity signals provide superior imaging and more accurate diagnosis. In communication systems such as cellular base stations, the advantage is clearer reception and lower call loss.

Lmh6550 and adc12dl040 work seamlessly to provide high quality signal path solutions. Laboratory measurements show that this pair of devices can achieve 11.1 significant bits (ENOB) and a burr free dynamic range (SFDR) of 80dB at 20MHz input frequency. With this guaranteed performance, designers can confidently implement the signal path solution of national in their design.

Adc12dl040 and adc12dl065 are dual channel high-performance low-power ADC, which convert analog input signal into 12 bit digital signal at sampling rate of 40msps and 60msps respectively. These ADCs have excellent dynamic range and 250 MHz full power bandwidth. The adc12dl040 achieves 11.1 ENOB at 20MHz and consumes only 210 EV at 40msps mW.ADC12DL065 Up to 32.5mhz, 11.0enob is obtained and only 360% is consumed at 65msps mW.NaTIonal Two other 12 bit ADCs recently launched, including adc12dl066 of dual 66msps and adc12l080 of single 80msps, are also most suitable for signal path applications.

The lmh6550 and lmh6551 are fully differential high-speed amplifiers designed to drive 10-14 bit high-performance ADCs, such as adc12dl040 and adc12dl065. The two amplifiers have fully differential voltage feedback topologies that allow balanced input to the ADC, and can be used as single ended to differential or differential to differential amplifiers. At 10MHz, the SFDR of the lmh6550 is – 86dbc, the bandwidth is 400MHz, and the conversion rate is up to 3000V / us ”The SFDR of lmh6551 is – 85dbc at + 5V or + / – 5v.10mhz, the bandwidth is 370mhz and the conversion rate is 2400V / us. Its output balance error is – 70dB at + 3V, + 5V or + / – 5V

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