Kunshan, China, October 7, 2019 – visionox, a display technology manufacturer, and peratech, a force sensing solution supplier, announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding agreement. The two sides are committed to integrating peratech’s force touch sensing solution into visionox’s AMOLED display to meet users’ needs for display based interactive interface.

Tolis voutsas, chief technology officer of peratech, commented: “we are happy to work with partners like vicino to develop solutions that are clearly needed in the market for mobile devices, tablets and other devices.” he revealed that the joint solution may meet the needs of AMOLED display integration from a variety of product designs. “

Jon stark, CEO of peratech, said: “peratech has a team that can creatively solve problems and unique touch technology. The company’s vision is to create the best human-computer interaction experience. Our cooperation with vicino will have a great impact on the future, because innovation is our DNA.”

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