Previously, it was reported that apple is testing the folding screen iPhone, in which the screen used in the new machine will still be provided by Samsung, and there are several suppliers in terms of bearings, while Taiwan’s main supplier is xinrixing.

It is said that Apple has sent samples of foldable iPhones to Foxconn for testing, including other suppliers, for testing purposes. According to Apple’s requirements, Foxconn will conduct more than 100000 folding tests on foldable screen iPhones.

The latest development shows that apple is continuing to develop non-traditional display technology that can be folded and unfolded along the hinge joint, which is likely to be used in the foldable iPhone of the future.

Apple described the hinge structure in more detail in a patent application for “electronic devices with foldable and expandable displays” released on December 3. The first figure in the patent, first applied in February 2020, details a folding device that bends at right angles. The figure seems to show a new multi link hinge structure with more than one joint.

The patent text shows that the hinge structure may include gear teeth, belts and / or other motion synchronization structures, as well as components that move relative to each other during bending. These moving members may be subject to rods and links with opposite curved bearing surfaces, including stop surfaces that prevent excessive rotation of the rods and links relative to each other. These links can be rotated around pivot points located inside the display without the actual hinge structure placed inside the display.

Patent leak: apple is really building a folding screen iPhone

Before that, it was reported that apple is building a perfect iPhone, which has removed the bangs, and the screen is large enough. It is a folding screen version of the iPhone, which is expected to be released in 2022. The price will start at $1499, more than 10000 yuan. It will be equipped with 8GB internal storage and 1TB storage at the top.

According to previous information, the company may have purchased foldable screens from Samsung, probably to test the quality first. It’s not yet confirmed which display technology Apple plans to use on the foldable iPhone, but if everything goes according to plan, it could take about three to four years to switch to microoled.

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