Recently, the reporter learned from the “Guangdong strategic emerging industry – LED industry patent analysis and early warning report meeting” of Guangdong Intellectual Property Office that Guangdong has the highest total number of LED lighting patent applications, accounting for 26.3% of the total number of domestic applications.

It is reported that this report meeting is the first report meeting of “patent analysis and early warning series of strategic emerging industries in Guangdong Province” held by Guangdong Intellectual Property Office. In the future, with the promotion of patent information development of various industries, a series of industrial patent analysis and early warning reports will be held, So as to form an effective mechanism for using patent information to promote the development of strategic emerging industries.

Patent analysis of domestic LED industry

The reporter learned from this report that in the total number of domestic LED lighting patent applications, more than 21000 and more than 3000 patent applications involving market application and packaging respectively, accounting for 82.5% and 12% of the total applications respectively, while there is a significant gap in the number of applications involving epitaxial technology and chip manufacturing in the upstream of the industry, The number of domestic patent applications in the key technologies in the upstream of LED lighting industry is obviously insufficient. In addition, domestic LED lighting patent applications are mainly distributed in Guangdong, Taiwan, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Beijing.

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