Standard and custom length low PIM cables can be shipped on the same day

Pasternack, a leading supplier of RF, microwave and millimeter wave products under the brand of infinity electronics, has expanded its product line of low PIM coaxial cable components to enable customers to obtain more diversified connector selection and better meet the requirements of DAS, wireless infrastructure, multi carrier communication system, Wisp, small cellular site equipment and PIM test application.

Pasternack expands its customized low PIM coaxial cable assembly line

Pasternack low PIM coaxial cable assembly series products now cover 160 standard configurations, and the PIM level is less than – 160dbc. These high-performance low PIM cable assemblies are made of flexible lightweight ul910 flame retardant spp-250-llpl RF coaxial cable with working temperature range of – 55 ° C to + 125 ° C. they have low insertion loss and excellent VSWR performance. They are 100% tested by RF and PIM before leaving the factory, and the PIM test results are marked on the cable.

In this expansion, SMA and QMA connectors are added to this series of products. Besides standard straight through SMA and QMA connectors, right angle connectors are also available.

“We are very pleased to be able to further expand our low PIM cable line. By providing customers with more optional product models, we can better meet the application requirements of customized low PIM cable. New products can also be delivered on the same day with test reports, “explained product manager Steve Ellis.

Pasternack will continue to add more connector and cable models to its standard low PIM cable assembly line. In addition to the standard products, Pasternack also offers customized models, all of which are also tested and support the same day delivery.

Pasternack low PIM coaxial cable components new products have been ready in stock and can be delivered at any time, no minimum order requirements.

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