Video monitoring system is an important part of the security technology system. It is an advanced and comprehensive system with strong prevention ability. It can directly watch the situation of the monitored place through the camera and its auxiliary equipment (lens, etc.) at a glance. At the same time, it can record all or part of the images of the monitored place, At the same time, the TV monitoring system can also be linked with other security technology prevention systems, such as anti-theft alarm, to make the prevention ability more powerful, to discover the hidden dangers of accidents and events in time, to prevent damage and avoid bad influence.

2、 Project overview

In recent years, with the rapid development of social economy and science and technology, the living standards of urban and rural residents have been significantly improved, living conditions continue to improve, people’s requirements for security technology prevention are also higher and higher, but the means of crime are also changing. After solving the housing problem, people are increasingly concerned about the safety of living, because for those criminals who commit crimes, they often choose residential areas as the target of attack. Burglary, robbery and homicide cases occur layer upon layer. In the past, the prevention measures based on civil air defense can not meet people’s safety needs. In order to crack down on all kinds of economic criminal crimes, protect the life and property safety of the country and the people, and ensure the normal operation of all walks of life and social departments, it has become the development direction of the field of security and prevention to adopt high-tech means to prevent and stop all kinds of crimes.

In order to protect the personal and property safety of the owners, prevent and stop the invasion, theft, robbery, destruction and other criminal acts, and for the convenience of property management, a set of video monitoring system is prepared to be installed to monitor the main roads, entrances and exits, parking lots, elevator cars and unit doors; As the main control room, the duty room of the community displays the video through the TV wall at the same time. As a sub control center, the property office displays some important images through TV switching.

3、 Design principle and basis

1. Design principles

According to the overall structure of the community and the actual situation of the site, the front end of the design adopts kingvee Kaiwei brand high-definition color camera produced by Beijing xinzhiheng Technology Co., Ltd., the video transmission adopts twisted pair transmission with anti-interference, long transmission distance and small signal attenuation, and the control system adopts kingvee (Kaiwei) kv-j64z series matrix of xinzhiheng, The video recording system adopts kingvee digital hard disk video host of xinzhiheng, which can realize local circulation video recording, retrieval and playback.

A, advanced:

With the permission of investment cost, the system adopts today’s advanced technology and equipment. On the one hand, it can reflect the advanced level of the system, on the other hand, it can make the system have strong development potential, so that the system can adapt to the social development as soon as possible.

b. Reliability:

The most important thing of the system is reliability. Once the system is paralyzed, the consequences will be unimaginable. Therefore, the system must operate reliably and continuously. When designing the system, under the condition of acceptable cost, strict requirements should be imposed on the system structure, equipment selection, technical service and maintenance response ability of product suppliers, so as to minimize the possibility of failure. Even in case of failure, the influence surface should be as small as possible.

c. Safety:

For the security system, its own security performance can not be ignored. When designing the system, we must take a variety of measures to prevent the illegal destruction of the system in various forms and ways.

d. Scalability:

The future development needs should be fully considered in system design, and the system should have the possibility of expansion and upgrading of reserve capacity.

e. Normative:

As the system is a strict comprehensive system, in the process of system design and construction, we should refer to all aspects of standards and specifications, strictly comply with the technical provisions, and do a good job in the standardized design and construction of the system.

All should proceed from the reality, so that the intelligent system has a higher practical efficiency. This is also the key to the rapid rise and development of intelligent buildings.

2. Design basis

The design of this scheme is based on the regular requirements of Party A and the following design specifications formulated by relevant national departments. It mainly includes:

① JGJ / t16-92 code for electrical design of civil buildings

② GB / t50314-2000 intelligent building design standard

③ Code for design of electronic computer room (GB 50174-93)

④ Code for design of lightning protection of buildings (GB 50057-94)

⑤ Gbj232-92 code for construction and acceptance of electrical installation engineering

⑥ Gb4943-95 safety of information technology equipment (including electrical service equipment)

⑦ GB / t75-94 code for safety technology and prevention engineering technical code

⑧ GB 50198-94 technical code for civil closed circuit television monitoring system engineering

⑨ Customer’s general requirements for CCTV monitoring system

4、 Design scheme

This set of video monitoring system is mainly composed of camera part, transmission part, display and record part, local main control part and remote sub control part.

4.1 camera part

The camera part is the front part of the TV monitoring system and the “eye” of the whole system. It is arranged in a certain position of the monitored place, so that its field of view can cover the whole monitored parts. Sometimes, the area of the monitored place is large. In order to save the number of cameras, simplify the transmission system and control and display system, appropriate lens is installed on the camera to make the scene more clear.

This set of video monitoring system is designed with 57 video monitoring points, including 6 moving points and 51 fixed points, which can cover the main intersections, entrances and exits, parking lots, doors of all elevator cars and unit doors, etc. in order to meet the needs of customers and pursue the overall aesthetic effect, kingvee’s high-definition color or black-and-white cameras are used, See the following table for the specific monitoring installation location and quantity:

Part composition and scheme design of video monitoring system in a community

In short, the camera, like the eyes of the whole system, turns the monitored content into image signals and transmits them to the monitor in the control center.

4.2 transmission part

The transmission part is the transmission channel of the system image signal. At present, video baseband (coaxial cable) transmission mode is mostly used in TV monitoring system. If the camera is far away from the control center, twisted pair transmission or optical fiber transmission is also used.

This set of system is a monitoring project of the community. Each front-end camera is far away from the monitoring room. If coaxial cable transmission is used, the signal attenuation is relatively large, which can not meet the image quality requirements of customers. Optical fiber transmission is used, and the cost is too high. Therefore, more economical twisted pair is used for video transmission, The transmission of image signal requires that the image signal does not produce obvious noise and distortion after passing through the transmission system, so as to ensure that the clarity and gray level of the original image signal do not decrease significantly.

In order to ensure the normal power supply of each front-end camera, a power distribution box is equipped at the entrance of the community, main roads, parking lot and the surrounding cameras. The 220 V power is supplied from the central control room to the power distribution box, and then the 12 V or 24 V power is supplied from the power distribution box to each camera. In addition, a power distribution box is installed at each unit door to supply power to the elevator car and the camera at the door of the unit. Rvv2 * 12 power line is used from the central control room to each distribution box, and rvv2 * 0.752 power line is used from the distribution box to each camera.

The front-end spherical PTZ cameras are controlled by 485 bus, and the rvvp2 * 0.752 control cable is used.

4.3 display and record part

This design uses the digital network hard disk recorder and display of kingvee to complete the display of all camera signals, and records the video through the hard disk. According to the requirements of the storage time of the video data, the hard disk with corresponding capacity is equipped. At the same time, it also supports the remote transmission of video on the network, which is convenient for relevant leaders to access the local network hard disk video host anytime and anywhere through the network to watch real-time pictures.

In order to display more conveniently and intuitively, the TV wall composed of xinzhiheng’s video switching matrix (kv-9064v16m) and 13 monitors (one 42 inch and 12 21 inch) is used to automatically switch and display important pictures, which makes the personnel on duty more clear at a glance.

4.4 control part

Due to the spherical PTZ camera installed in the parking lot and the surrounding area, the system needs the on duty personnel to quickly track and monitor when encountering suspicious personnel or emergencies. The on duty personnel of the property office can also control the front-end spherical PTZ camera when necessary. Therefore, the system adopts the video switching matrix (kv-9064v16m) and main control keyboard (kv-2820kb) of Xin Zhiheng The auxiliary control keyboard (kv-2850kb) and TV wall or monitor control the operation of the front spherical PTZ.

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