On October 19, at the 2019 world VR industry conference, parallel, a VR & AR startup, officially released the industry’s thinnest VR glasses, parallel VR glasses. The price is 1999 yuan. It will be on the market in the first quarter of next year.

Pareal officially announced the price of the industry's thinnest VR glasses at 1999 yuan

Light and convenient experience polished to the extreme

According to the introduction of parallel reality, the goal of parallel VR glasses was set at the early stage of research and development – to make VR as light as glasses and carry it with you in your pocket. After countless iterations, parallel VR glasses have finally achieved satisfactory results.

The folding design of this VR glasses is very light. The thickness of the glasses is only 23mm, and the wearing weight is less than 100g. It is the lightest VR display device so far. In terms of display, the screen adopts fast LCD specially designed for VR equipment, with 90hz refresh rate, binocular 3200 x 1600 resolution and 1058 PPI, which largely avoids the dizziness caused by blurred picture. The unique optical structure enables parallel VR to have 90 ° The super large field of view angle, when watching will not see the edge of the screen, to accommodate a broader field of vision space.

Polarization ultra short focus, the road of independent intellectual property research and development

The core principle of the polarized ultra short focus VR display technology of parallel VR is to modulate the polarization state of the optical path through up to 11 layers of optical structure, realize the folding of the optical path system, and carry out ultra-high image quality imaging under the folded optical path of lens multiplexing. This optical scheme can improve the image quality and the output thickness is only 1 / 4 of the traditional VR display system. And this optical system can get larger pupil, so it is also suitable for people with high myopia. Parallel VR glasses currently support diopter adjustment of 0-800 degrees.

It is understood that the technology has been developed by the optical team of pareal since 2014, and has more than 30 invention patents.

Mission of parallel VR

Pareal (Parallel Reality Technology Co., Ltd.) was founded in 2017. It is a technology company focusing on the development of next generation AR / VR display technology and AR / VR glasses terminal products. Headquartered in Hangzhou, the company has branches in Beijing and Shenzhen, and has two university laboratories.

VR smart glasses, as the third generation of personal intelligent terminal devices after computers and smart phones, are expected to become a necessity in people’s daily life in the future. But the current industry products are often limited to volume and weight, it is difficult to get the best experience, so it is also known as VR helmet. In order to meet the needs of C-terminal, the lightweight and miniaturization of VR display technology is necessary.

Parallel VR glasses exist to solve this problem. Its core polarization ultra short focus display technology is also known as the second generation VR display technology, which perfectly solves the problem of thick and heavy VR display products. Therefore, they call their product VR glasses. And plan to use this technology to subvert the traditional VR head display, launch a VR display technology revolution.

At the world VR industry conference in 2019, I experienced parallel VR on site. The wearing experience of parallel VR is very light, and it is superior in color restoration and clarity, without the feeling of mosaic. However, it is understood that the product has not been sold to the outside world at present. It will be crowdfunding overseas at the end of this year and will be sold in China in the first quarter of next year.

In addition, according to the CEO of parallel reality, the company will start to develop a new generation of XR products combining VR and Ar at the end of this year.


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