Power system can be divided into five links: power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution and power consumption. Power automation is an industry that uses modern computer technology, communication technology, information processing technology and automatic control technology to monitor, control, protect and manage these five links. It is an indispensable part of modern power industry and an important part of power system “Brain and nerves”.

Panorama of power automation industry chain

China’s power automation industry has formed a relatively mature industrial chain. The upstream of the industrial chain is the supply of raw materials and components for power automation equipment manufacturing, involving iron and steel industry, software manufacturing industry, machining manufacturing industry and electronic component manufacturing industry; The midstream is power automation equipment manufacturing, which can be divided into power grid automation equipment manufacturing and power plant automation equipment manufacturing according to different application fields; The downstream is the application field of power automation, which is also divided into power grid automation and power plant automation. The downstream of power plant automation is mainly generator sets. The application field of power grid automation is relatively wide, including petrochemical industry, mining, water conservancy and hydropower, etc.

Panoramic prospect of China's power automation industry chain in 2019


From the perspective of enterprises, the upstream of power automation involves a wide range of fields and a large number of enterprises. Except that some products are monopolized to a certain extent due to technical reasons, other raw materials and components are basically in a state of complete competition. Good supply of materials and components has laid a solid foundation for the development of power automation manufacturing; The midstream power automation manufacturing enterprises can be divided into power plant automation equipment manufacturing enterprises and power grid automation equipment manufacturing enterprises. Benefiting from the support of national policies, the market demand for power grid automation equipment is large, and most enterprises are also concentrated here; The downstream is the application field, mainly in the field of power grid construction.

Generally speaking, power automation can be divided into power plant automation and power grid automation. Among them, power grid automation is the key application field of power automation, including substation automation, distribution network automation and dispatching automation; Distribution automation is the most popular subdivision field at present, and there is the greatest demand for power automation equipment. In terms of power generation automation, as the state pays more and more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, the power generation link tends to transfer from thermal power and Hydropower to new energy power generation, and the automation technology requirements of new energy power generation are also high, which poses a great challenge to all market participants. Therefore, the power generation automation market is relatively cold.

Market scale: demand is growing steadily, and power distribution occupies the mainstream

·The steady growth of downstream demand boosts the rapid development of the industry. Regardless of power plant automation or power grid automation, the demand for downstream application fields is growing steadily. The growth of downstream application demand continues to boost the rapid development of the power automation industry.

In 2018, China’s installed power generation capacity reached a new high, with a cumulative installed capacity of 1.899 billion kw, an increase of 6.45% over the previous year. Power plant automation equipment provides guarantee for power generation system equipment and system operation, and the installed capacity of power generation maintains a stable growth. It puts forward more demand for power plant automation products such as protection measurement and control devices, safety automatic devices and automation systems, which promotes the rapid development of power automation industry.

At the same time, the investment in power grid projects also showed a steady growth trend. In 2018, the investment scale of power grid projects in China was 537.3 billion yuan, an increase of 0.64% over the previous year. There is still a certain gap in China’s power grid construction, especially in the distribution network construction compared with developed countries. China’s annual average power outage hours are 400 hours, four times that of the United States and 50 times that of Japan. The scale of power grid construction such as distribution network will continue to grow, and the demand for supporting power grid automation equipment will grow steadily.

In recent years, the national requirements for the automation and intelligent construction of power system have been continuously improved, and enterprises have responded one after another, actively formulated the smart grid construction plan and made a lot of investment. Among them, the automation construction of power transformation, distribution and power consumption is the top priority of smart grid construction. In the general report of the State Grid intelligent planning, three stages of grid intelligent investment are planned, and the demand for automation equipment also follows. The demand of all links of China’s power industry jointly promotes the rapid development of the power automation industry.

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