The current exhibition and display industry is very different from the past. Various technological means are integrated, including various forms of interaction, which are dizzying. The diversified display needs make projection an indispensable presentation method in the exhibition and display industry. .



5,000 lumens





For the exhibition and display industry, Panasonic has recently launched the PT-GAZ501C product. The ultra-short-focus LCD laser product makes the exhibition industry no longer limited by distance, achieving unobstructed vision and an immersive feeling.

Next, let us approach this projector and find out!

Excellent image quality

High brightness and high image quality

PT-GAZ501C ultra-short-throw LCD laser projector, using SOLID SHINE laser light source technology, can achieve a long life of 20,000 hours, which greatly reduces operating costs compared with bulb light sources. Combined with an advanced LCD optical engine to achieve a high brightness of 5,000 lumens, it can still present bright, vivid and clear images even in bright environments.

high contrast

High-precision digital laser power output modulation achieves a dynamic contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1, which increases the color expression and presence of the image, and can present realistic image details even if sensitive scenes are frequently alternated.

Flexible installation and easy adjustment

short distance big screen

The PT-GAZ501C product is equipped with a 0.235:1 ultra-short-focus lens, which can be installed on the wall, which truly realizes zero shadow, short distance, and large-screen projection. It only takes about 0.5 meters to project a 100-inch large screen, so that the projected screen surrounds the viewer and improves the sense of visual immersion and interaction.

Rich correction functions

The four-corner correction and six-point correction functions can individually adjust each corner of the projected image, supplemented by horizontal and vertical keystone correction, so that even if the angle is tricky, an ideal symmetrical image can be obtained.

Rich port design

The rich port design supports a wide range of system applications, including 2 HDMI input ports and 2 USB ports. The USB A port supports projection without a computer, and the USB B port can realize the function of a USB monitor. No need to install any software, just connect the USB cable to the corresponding port of the projector, and the image and audio in the computer can be recognized.

Other convenient functions

Built-in angle sensor

Built-in 16W speaker

shutter function

Support DICOM simulation mode

Support 4K/30Hz signal input

Adjustable light source output power (adjustment range 50%~100%)

With the combination of science and technology art and the exhibition industry, people can no longer be satisfied with the ordinary presentation form, but hope to use high-tech means to convey the deep meaning behind the exhibition items to customers in a better form.

PT-GAZ501C is specially designed for the exhibition industry, providing you with high-quality products with high quality, high image quality and high stability.

Reviewing Editor: Peng Jing

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