Prime planet Energy & Solutions uses anaqua’s aqx platform to help strengthen its rapidly growing intellectual property portfolio.

Boston, July 14, 2020 (globe Newswire) – a leading provider of innovation and intellectual property management solutions   Anaqua   Prime planet Energy & soleutions (PPE & S), a Panasonic Toyota battery joint venture, has chosen anaqua’s aqx platform to help it manage and strengthen its global intellectual property portfolio, it announced today.

PPE & s will use the configuration workflow and template of aqx to quickly establish its intellectual property operation and build its rapidly developing intellectual property portfolio. The entire innovation and intellectual property lifecycle of the joint venture will be managed on the anaqua platform. Analysis and cost tracking functions, such as hyperview and financial management, will help to support PPE & s to build a strong and cost optimized intellectual property portfolio consistent with the company’s business strategy.

Bob Romeo, CEO of anaqua, said: “PPE & S has an important mission to develop the next generation of automotive batteries, which can expand the use of electric vehicles and help create a cleaner environment. We are happy to work with them and support their innovation in this area. “

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