Panasonic issued a statement that the company’s light VR head show will be launched in 2021.

Panasonic’s head display only has 3DOF, but it can precisely adjust the pupil distance. Moreover, the head display is equipped with a small high-resolution screen, but it has no great advantage in visual field,

Panasonic said that they are considering putting a larger panel into the head display. Panasonic may focus on the same use case currently targeted by oculusgo, a VR based media viewer.

“Matsushita demonstrated the world’s first HDR enabled Ultra HD VR head display prototype at the ces2020 in Las Vegas, which was well received by the industry,” Matsushita chief technology officer Michiko Ogawa said in a prepared statement

“With the support of Qualcomm, we plan to optimize these VR glasses to work seamlessly with support and 5g smartphones. We hope to combine 5g with a compact, lightweight, ultra-high quality VR head display to provide a highly immersive experience for live music and sports events in 2021 and beyond. “

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